Meghan Markle was rejected because of her fashion choices. It doesn’t matter whether or not her intention was to appear low key, her choice of loose fitting/oversized dresses, pleated throwbacks that frankly belong in the 60s or florals that I swore I saw in frames on my grandmother’s mantel showing off her hotness in her prime.  This is no longer high school but the same rules still apply; the only way to dominate and to be liked is for your clothes to slay all and I mean all other women. I will skip the part about her loose fitting wedding dress.  You don’t put an oversized dress on a slender body you’ve taken years to perfect through relentless yoga and tabata and tell me you missed a fitting or lost weight before your wedding. Maybe this is why people judged her fashion choices and ultimately her to be pretentious. I don’t  as I was never one to go out of my way to search for news about her but I clicked articles about her hoping to feast on some ‘out of this world outfit’ only to be let down each time. Can’t forget the floral pleated dress she wore on her Africa trip. I thought, “what, why…” but ultimately moved on. 

Ms. Katherine however, never thought of her much but I knew I was going to choose Meghan over her quite effortlessly, well not really. You simply can’t compete with Katherine. How do you compete with someone who prides herself on staying in the background and occasionally popping up with a dazzling smile and an impeccable outfit, (excluding the green one she wore in the bleachers that day she and Meghan were pretending to be friends.) That looked outdated AF but I digress.  Katherine stepped up her game since Meghan came along but then Meghan made it easy.

Meghan’s clothes communicated no strategy, no spirit, just an awkward way to enter the international competition. My feeling is where Meghan went wrong is not understanding that people saw her as a Christine (Selling Sunset) pretending to be Chrishell.  You expect a pretty girl to have some edgy mean energy but in fairness if you check Meghan’s pre-Sussex days she was never the edgy type. She always preferred sharp looking pants and a reserved look when she could be real flashy if she wanted to be. It’s just that no one cares about this. You’re expected to slay. You can’t walk away from it or if you do don’t tell me it’s to become Mother Theresa. My point is, Meghan should have just dressed the part and really hired a top notched designer because a public personality, at least a successful one depends on super Fabulous clothes! You can be mother Theresa afterwards and we will love you for it but you have to travel the path of all queen bees before you and Slay bitch!

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